Wild ezo deer leathers


Trackback coat using indigo deer skin dyed by the World’s top denim maker “Kaihara.”

The shades that is unique to indigo dying is its feature. The dense fiber of the deer skin tangles the dye and surprisingly prevents color transfer.

Printed with a photo of the falling leaves of the forest where the ezo-deer inhabits with ink jet. Suits very well with the flexible deer skin suede. (Photo: Yuzuru Kitagawa)

The trackback coat fully covered with the print of the falling leaves has a flexible cascade and beautiful drape.

The vegetable tannin tannage is ecological but on the other hand, it can make the leather stiff. We have managed to overcome this weakness and have accomplished in maintaining both three-dimensional grain and beautiful flexibility.

A biker jacket with its essential lightness, high quality, and the natural grain of a wild deer.

We have applied crash enamel processing on the surface after vegetable tanning tannage. The surface has both elasticity and a unique irregular reflection and while it is decorative, it is also moisture proof and breathable.

A trenchcoat with a glimpse of falling leaves print on the back side from the lapel and vent

Top photo: Teppei Yamazaki